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The 7 Best 510 Thread Batteries for Vaping



The Best 510 Thread Vape Batteries

Which are the best 510 thread batteries for vaping?

If you’re into vaping THC or CBD oil cartridges, you need a vape battery.

The 510 thread battery is the industry standard for pre-filled cartridges, which gives you a great variety of options and combinations.

These batteries continue to evolve as the vaping trend continues to grow, and today there are multitudes of them on the market.


The Best 510 Thread Batteries for Vaping (Reviewed)

Let’s get right down to it − the 7 best 510 thread batteries for vaping on the market:


7. 510 Thread Battery for Cartridges – Slim

Best 510 Thread Batteries - 510 Thread Battery for Cartridges - Slim

This 300mAh battery is a great entry point for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a 510 battery.

It is simple to use and has a sleek pen-like shape so it can fit easily into pockets and purses, and you can charge it via a standard micro USB cable.

The battery supports variable voltage, adjustable by pressing the button three times.

Overall, this is a solid starter pen battery, even if it lacks the oomph necessary for heavier users.

It also doesn’t have any customization options such that you’re stuck with the regular metallic color; which might or might not fit your idea of style.

However, it’s very discreet and looks just like an e-cigarette, so that’s a plus if you’re trying to be stealthy.


6. 510 Thread Variable Voltage Battery

Best 510 Thread Batteries - 510 Thread Variable Voltage Battery

This is a relatively simple power upgrade in a battery of 350mAh capacity. It is pen-shaped, so it is easy to store, and you won’t have any problems using it.

The battery also features an adjustable voltage, allowing you to set the temperature as needed.

However, the metallic casing might cause it to get a bit hotter during use, so make sure you don’t get fingers burned accidentally.

Additionally, this battery is charged by screwing the USB charger on the same thread where you’d put your cartridge; which may make it look a bit silly, unfortunately.

Overall, this is a good entry point if you’re looking for something simple, but there are better ones available.


5. Snail Battery – 510 Thread

Best 510 Thread Batteries - Snail Battery

This cute snail battery combines accessibility with ergonomics; allowing for simple usage while sacrificing some of the slimness of regular pen batteries.

The 350mAh capacity should be enough to serve regular vaping needs, and you can charge this battery via a micro USB cable.

You can adjust the temperature of your vape on the button, so you can customize this battery to work with any oils you’re using.

Additionally, the snail comes in a variety of vibrant colors, making it a great choice to match your aesthetics.

The casing is built to be sturdy so you should have no problems during everyday use. It does look a bit like a tape measure, so there’s an argument here when it comes to being discreet.

Overall, it’s a decent battery that looks cute and comes in a range of colors. You can consider it a great present for someone you know to be looking for a 510 thread battery.


4. Funky Farms 510 Threaded CBD Vape Battery

Best 510 Thread Batteries - Funky Farms CBD Vape Battery

This pen battery is designed to work with CBD oils, and it has a solid look and feel to it, as well as a straightforward design that makes it simple to use.

The adjustable voltage meter on the bottom of the battery changes its output from 2.0 to 4.0V, and the 500mAh capacity will make sure that you have enough juice for your vape.

This battery is charged by screwing the USB port onto the thread used for the cartridge, which might look a bit odd on the first try, though you should get used to it relatively easily.

Overall, this is a simple solution if you want a cheap new addition to your vaping collection.


3. LOKEY Flip Battery 510

Best 510 Thread Batteries - LOKEY Flip Battery

The Lokey Flip Battery is designed to look like a keychain, a pretty interesting if a slightly odd concept.

The ergonomic design is small enough to fit in your palm, and the key hob allows it to be travel-friendly, which can even serve as a trade-off if you carry around bulkier keys.

The battery, rated at 350mAh, is rechargeable by a USB cable attached to the side, which is an odd design choice if you want this to be on your keys.

The threading attachment can be pulled in and out by pressing the top button, allowing the entire cartridge to sit inside the casing for protection. The battery has a switchblade feel during use, which can admittedly add to the cool factor.

Overall, the ergonomic design and the travel-friendly features of the battery make it a solid choice for anyone that wants to take their vaping on the road.

Additionally, this is available in a gold color for those who want to pimp their vaping.


2. Dragoo 510 Thread Battery by Vmod

Best 510 Thread Batteries - Dragoo by Vmod

Vmod’s Dragoo is one of our top choices, and for good reason.

The sturdy casing is made better with a magnetic connection to the cartridge, making sure that your vape will stay attached at all times.

The display on the side allows you to readily check the voltage output, reducing the need to fiddle with the buttons.

The 650mAh capacity is a solid choice and will make sure that a heavier user has enough power to last through the day and perhaps more.

The USB charging port on the side allows charging without any problems and doesn’t intrude on the aesthetics of the front and back panels.

Overall, this is a great mid-range option when you’re looking for a bit more battery life to satisfy your daily, or weekly, vaping needs, and it looks and feels great in hand.


1. VMod 2 Battery for 510 Thread

Best 510 Thread Batteries - Vmod 2 Battery

Our top choice is the Vmod 2 battery, and you can easily see why.

The sleek design of this battery (reminiscent of an iPod shuffle) makes it inconspicuous and easy to hold in your hand, pocket, or purse.

While small, the battery packs quite a punch, with a battery capacity of 900mAh that may last a full week and multiple cartridges.

The micro USB port near the bottom allows it to be charged standing up, a neat feature in any rechargeable batteries.

The button in the middle serves to also adjust the voltage; allowing this battery to suit whatever cartridge and personal preferences without any problems.

Speaking of cartridges, the magnetic connection between the battery and the cartridge makes sure that the vape stays in one piece when you need it.

This battery also comes in five colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Black, and Navy. This alone makes it an excellent choice for a present.

The discreet look of the battery is also perfect for vaping on the go.



510 thread batteries are a must-have when you’re using a THC or CBD oil cartridge.

If you’re a newcomer to vaping, we’d recommend starting with a simpler battery and making sure you follow the user manuals, especially concerning the correct settings for your cartridge.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 7 best 510 thread batteries for vaping. You can use this guide to help you select the next purchase for yourself or your friend.

Don’t forget that these batteries all serve the same purpose, so choose one that makes the most sense for you.

There’s no shame in getting the cheapest one if you’re operating on a tight budget, or the most expensive one if you’re intent on flaunting it.

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Here is a recap of the best 510 thread batteries:

  1. VMod 2 Battery for 510 Thread
  2. Dragoo 510 thread Battery by Vmod
  3. LOKEY Flip Battery 510
  4. FUNKY Farms 510 Threaded CBD Vape Battery
  5. Snail Battery – 510 Thread
  6. 510 Thread Variable Voltage Battery
  7. 510 Thread Battery for Cartridges – Slim

Which of these best 510 thread batteries do you use? Leave a comment below.

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