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The 10 Best JUUL Alternatives to Buy



The Best Juul Alternatives

Which are the best JUUL alternatives to consider buying?

Even non-vapers have probably heard about JUUL. “Juuling” is even considered interchangeable with the term “vaping” to a certain extent.

And in essence, a JUUL is a vape pen − only it’s more portable and much more straightforward.

Still, although everyone can vape using a JUUL, not everyone is left satisfied. This may be true for seasoned vapers.


The 10 Best JUUL Alternatives (Reviewed)

If you’re a vaper who likes the JUUL concept overall but aren’t happy with JUUL itself, you’ll be glad to know that there are alternatives.

We’ve used source around the web such as Cafe Racer Vape and Vaping Daily to create this article.

Here’s a list of the best JUUL alternatives to considering testing out:


10. Aspire Pockex AIO

Best JUUL Alternatives - Aspire Pockex AIO

Price: $26.99

First, the battery. Now, 1500 mAh may not seem like much, but for a small, compact device, this is more than enough. Plus, there are two coils involved to max the juuling experience.

Because of its size, you can fit the device inside your pocket. It’s also lightweight.

The design is fully leakproof. Design-wise, this is a funky-looking JUUL alternative, but not enough to deter you from wanting to be seen using it. It’s certainly unique.

Don’t worry about the build, either. It’s made out of brushed stainless steel, which brings a ton of durability to the table.

If you are a heavy vaper, expect to make frequent refills with this model. The tank holds a mere 2ml of e-liquid.

Fortunately, refilling can be done very quickly. Just unscrew the top cap and fill the tank.

The overall taste has been reported as “fantastic,” and the amount of vapor it produces may undoubtedly surprise you.


9. Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus

Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus
Shop VaporFi
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Don’t let the low-quality packaging of this JUUL alternative fool you – Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus is a brilliant vaping device.

The main difference between the Sky Solo Plus and the variety of other vape pens is that with this pen, the base of the tank is built into the battery unit.

This might not seem ideal, but it performs perfectly while achieving the goal of keeping the device nice and compact.

At 3000 mAh, the battery capacity of the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus is pretty impressive for a JUUL alternative.

If this seems like overkill, consider that the power output of this vape pen goes up to 90 watts. The 3000 mAh are there to ensure that you enjoy vaping, even at 90W.

As expected from such a powerful vape pen, the Sky Solo Plus is more than capable of delivering a powerful vape.


8. SMOK Mag 225W TC Kit

Best JUUL Alternatives - SMOK Mag 225W TC Kit

Price: $109.99

SMOK is one of the most prominent vaping companies and has been around for an entire decade. Their SMOK MAG 225W TC is a kit that comes with the TFV12 Prince tank, which packs quite a punch.

Despite being fairly bulky, the MAG 225W TC is ergonomically built, which makes holding it feel very comfortable.

Still, it’s a weighty vaping device, so be prepared for this. It weighs 265g without the tank. Add the Prince TFV12 tank, and this brings in an additional 60g. The upshot here is that it’s incredibly durable, so don’t expect a simple fall to break it.

Its size isn’t the only heavyweight part of the equation. It features a pair of 18650 batteries, which have a remarkable capacity. Don’t expect the batteries to run out after a single day of use.


7. GeekVape Aegis Legend

Best JUUL Alternatives - GeekVape Aegis Legend

Price: $43.95 – $70.95

This 200W JUUL alternative boasts dual 18650 batteries, which are among the best on the market.

Unfortunately, the batteries don’t come with the purchase of the Aegis Legend, which is an important consideration, and a critique that can be aimed at the manufacturer.

Although you wouldn’t call it a “vape pen” by any means, GeekVape Aegis Legend is comfortable to hold, and small enough to fit in a bag and even in a pocket.

From 200W, it can go all the way down to 5W, which gives tremendous room for experimentation and overall flexibility.

The Aegis Legend doesn’t mess around in terms of resilience. It’s IP67-certified, meaning that it’s waterproof and dust-proof.

This might not mean much to an office-based employee, but for those who work in dusty/wet environments and those who like to take long nature strolls, it can mean the whole world.

Oh, and the Aegis Legend is shockproof, as well, which helps too.


6. SMOK Fetch Pro Vape Pod Starter Kit

Best JUUL Alternatives - SMOK Fetch Pro

Price: $59.95

The SMOK Fetch Pro is significantly larger than its SMOK Fetch predecessor. This is mainly due to the fact it stores a single 18650 battery.

Design-wise, the Fetch Pro brings some beautiful contours to its edges. These contours ensure that the device is comfortable to hold.

There’s a 0.96” TFT screen included, which isn’t a feature that’s often seen on compact vapes. The colors on the screen, despite its modest size, are vivid, clear, and sharp.

The build is fantastic – the battery door and hinge mechanism adequately protect the battery, and there is no battery rattle involved.

Although it’s larger than its predecessor, the Fetch Pro can still fit any pocket and isn’t bulky.


5. SMOK Fetch Mini 40W Pod Kit

Best JUUL Alternatives - SMOK Fetch Mini

Price: $31.95 – $36.95

SMOK Fetch Mini isn’t the strongest SMOK Fetch device, nor does it bring the most battery life to the table. What it does do, however, is play the role of a JUUL alternative perfectly.

While the Fetch Pro model avoids being called “bulky” or “large,” the Fetch Mini emphasizes the “compactness” factor.

The 1100 mAh battery is not impressive in the grand scheme of things, but for a device this small, and at 40W, it’s more than enough.


4. Vaporesso Renova Zero

Vaporesso Renova Zero
Shop Vapor DNA
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The Renova Zero boasts some of the sleekest aesthetics on the list, which will appeal to many vapers looking for JUUL alternatives.

Vaporesso Renova Zero is made from a polycarbonate/zinc alloy of top-notch quality. It comes in a wide variety of available colors.

From the user experience perspective, one can expect a lot from the Renova Zero. It’s all very straightforward, ensuring a simple and sweet vaping experience.

Now its 1.6ml e-liquid capacity is, indeed, far from ample. However, this is precisely why the refill system is designed to be so quick and simple.

Regardless, the Renova Zero remains a high-quality and easy-to-use vape system that’s great for people who are looking for a JUUL alternative.

The Renova Zero also made it onto our list of the 15 best pod vapes to buy in 2021.


3. Lost Vape Orion Q-PRO

Lost Vape Orion Q Pro
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Compared to the original Orion Quest, which had a maximum limit of 17W, the Q-Pro has mustered a 24W limit, which brings a lot of power to the table, no matter how insignificant the 7W may seem.

You get five power levels − 15W, 17W, 20W, 22W, and 24W. Each level is designated with a color of its own − white, blue, red, green, and purple, respectively.

The whole device is very compact and can fit inside almost any pocket.

It is made out of stainless steel, though, which makes it durable and strong.

Compared to other Orion devices, the only visual difference is the decorative stabwood panels, available in red, blue, and ochre. They give the unit a really good look.


2. Vaporesso VM Stick 18

Vaporesso VM Stick 18
Shop VaporFi
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This is one of the simplest vaping devices you’ll run across. It’s mostly aimed at beginner vapers, which makes it ideal for those looking for a simpler alternative to JUUL.

It’s 124mm tall and has a tank installed, which is more than expected from such a tiny device. It bears a striking resemblance to a typical laser pointer.

The VM Stick 18 charges extremely fast. Despite its diminutive size, it still packs a 1200 mAh battery, which is very impressive. Yes, the battery may charge fast, but it will stay charged for quite some time.

If you’re looking for a basic alternative to JUUL, Vaporesso VM Stick 18 might be right up your alley. Don’t expect any fancy features, though. It’s a “what you see is what you get” deal here.

It comes in silver, black, blue, and rainbow colors, so take your pick.


1. SMOK Novo 2

SMOK Novo 2
Shop Vapor DNA
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Although the JUUL alternatives from this list are great, the Novo 2 from SMOK is special. It’s approximately 90mm tall, which is tiny.

The body is rounded and very comfortable and, at 43g, this device ridiculously light.

There are 18 different designs to choose from, from basic to flashy.

At 800 mAh, the Novo 2’s battery doesn’t seem too impressive.

However, this battery will last for more than two days of heavy and consistent use, which is amazing; much larger batteries in other vape devices can’t boast this amount of battery life.

In terms of performance, SMOK Novo 2 will make your jaw drop. It packs a punch, and it will produce thick, rich smoke. This is why Novo 2 is a perfect JUUL alternative.



If you are looking for a true JUUL alternative that matches it in size but packs more of a punch and has a longer battery life, SMOK Novo 2 might be the ideal choice.

However, the other vape devices from this list shouldn’t be disregarded either. They may well prove to be more up your alley.

Every entry on this list presents a viable JUUL alternative.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best JUUL alternatives:

  1. SMOK Novo 2
  2. Vaporesso VM Stick 18
  3. Lost Vape Orion Q-PRO
  4. Vaporesso Renova Zero
  5. SMOK Fetch Mini 40W Pod Kit
  6. SMOK Fetch Pro Vaper Starter Kit
  7. GeekVape Aegis Legend
  8. SMOK Mag 225W TC Kit
  9. Vaporesso Sky Polo Plus
  10. Aspire Pockex AIO

Which of the best JUUL alternatives on this list would you buy? Leave a comment below.

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