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The 11 Best RTA Vape Tanks



The Best RTA Vape Tanks

Which are the best RTA vape tanks?

If you’re looking to up your vape game, it’s time to ditch the preconstructed mods. To get the best flavor and vapor production, you need to make the tank yourself. That’s where rebuildable tank atomizers – RDAs for short – come in.

An RTA has all the functions of a regular tank atomizer, but the main benefit is that you can use the hardware that you want. With endless combinations available, you can create the vape that you have always wanted and get the best performance out of it.


The 11 Best RTA Vape Tanks Reviewed

Here we will list the 11 best RTA vape tanks you can find on the market:


11. Geek Vape Zeus X Mesh RTA 25MM

GeekVape never disappoints, and the company’s Zeus X Mesh is no different.

This is a slightly bulkier RTA, with around 26mm at the widest glass section, but that shouldn’t pose any problems at all. It comes with all the tools you need to assemble it, along with a mesh coil to put into it, making this RTA a great all-in-one purchase.

The 4.5ml e-liquid capacity allows this tank to hold plenty of juice for your enjoyment. The airflow control is easily located at the top of the liquid tank, so there’s not going to be any problem with adjustment and control.

The RTA comes with plenty of spare parts so you can rest assured that you have everything you need, plus a lot of parts that you might not need. It is suitable for both 810 and 510 drip tips, opening the door to another avenue of customization.

The mesh inside makes it suitable for a cooler vape, so make sure to keep that in mind when considering your next mesh RTA.

The one possible drawback for this RTA is that the screws are of slightly lower quality and will degrade more easily over time, especially if you’re rebuilding the tank a lot. Additionally, you need to make sure the cotton is securely put in and properly wicked.

Overall, the Zeus X Mesh is a great device.


10. Svoe Mesto Kayfun Lite 22mm MTL RTA

The Kayfun Lite Bears similarities with the other Kayfun tanks, namely the build quality and the assembly methods.
This is a simple-to-use RTA tank, as the coiling and wicking mechanisms are straightforward and easy to assemble.

The tank doesn’t come with a coil included, so you’ll have to get one separately for use with this tank, but that is the primary benefit of a rebuildable tank.

The 22mm width means that the tank can fit most smaller mods and, if combined with a compact mod, it can be held in the palm of your hand with ease. The standard tank has a 2ml e-liquid capacity, which can be expanded up to 4ml if you purchase the optional dome tank extension.

What might bother some users is that the airflow controls are on the bottom of the tank and you have to unscrew it from the mod if you want to adjust the airflow.

A similar mechanism applies to filling the tank, i.e. its bottom-feeding. This might be a bit of an inconvenience, but do note that you most likely will not have to fill the tank as much due to the decent capacity.

The draw and flavor quality of this tank is superb and indicative of the high-quality design and materials used. If you’re looking for a good RTA, this one won’t disappoint.


9. Dovpo X Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA

The Blotto is a 26mm (or more precisely, 25.6mm) RTA that has a lot to offer.

The tank comes with two capacity options, 2ml for the regular glass, and 6ml for the bubble glass or the Ultem tank extension. With the extension, this is going to be a long-lasting RTA. Filling the tank is easy and it’s done from the top.

The RTA can be built with either a single or a dual-coil setup, allowing for a high degree of customization. The honeycomb airflow of the Blotto allows for precise flow adjustment.

One of the major cons with this RTA is that the glass isn’t quite securely set into the RTA. If you slightly undo the bottom part of the RTA to rebuild it, the glass may slide out and any liquid inside would leak as a result. Apart from that, this RTA won’t leak during use due to its great build quality.

Overall, the Blotto is a great customizable RTA that looks and works beautifully.


8. Wotofo X Mr.Justright1 X TVC Profile Unity 25mm RTA

Wotofo collaborated with two vaping gurus to come up with this mesh-powered RTA, and the quality clearly shows.
The Profile Unity comes with its mesh coils, wicking cotton, and all the tools needed to set it up. This thing can be a great first buy as you just need your favorite e-liquid and a mod to power it. Any further customization is entirely up to you.

The airflow control on the tank is easy to adjust, making it convenient to use all around. It’s held in place securely so there won’t be mishaps with leakage or loose parts.

The 3.5ml tank capacity will satisfy your regular vaping needs, but if you’re a more hardcore user, you can use an extension to have the tank hold up to 5ml of e-liquid. The tank is top-filling, making the entire RTA easy to use and without the need to unscrew the base first.

The only negative to using this RTA is that you need to make sure the cotton is securely in place and wicked properly. Improper setup can easily get you a dry hit, so make sure you follow the manual when assembling and wicking the tank!

This RTA appears at 8th on our list of the best RTA vape tanks.


7. Asmodus Anani 24.5mm MTL RTA

The Anani MTL RTA is a great product made specifically for the MTL vaper.

With careful design choices, this single-coil RTA makes everything perfectly customized for an MTL user. The airflow control can be completely taken out of the chamber, allowing for an open draw that some MTL vapers might prefer.
The 2ml tank capacity makes this a bit on the smaller side compared to other tanks, but in any event, this shouldn’t be a problem for the average user.

The Anani comes with two coils, making for a great first foray into an RTA that you can play around with.
Overall, the Anani is a great option for someone who prefers MTL and isn’t afraid to customize their vaping experience.


6. Svoe Mesto Kayfun Lite 24mm MTL RTA

This is a larger version of the Kayfun Lite 22mm tank, and besides the size, the features are more or less identical.
The tank comes with a prebuilt 3.5ml capacity, which is quite an improvement over the smaller tank’s baselines. This can be further increased to 5ml if you purchase the dome tank extension, making it one of the larger tanks on the market, especially for its size.

The high-quality materials and build have a clear effect on the draw and vapor production, as they are likewise superb. Of course, this will depend on the coil used.

The 24mm Kayfun features the same bottom-feeding tank and airflow adjustment as the 22mm version, so it has the same possible inconveniences. The width of this tank makes it more suitable for slightly larger mods, but you shouldn’t have any problems with holding or using it otherwise.

Overall, the Svoe Mesto Kayfun Lite 24mm is a great all-around purchase, and you won’t regret buying one to improve your vaping experience.


5. Vapefly Brunhilde MTL RTA 5ml

The Brunhilde is a retro-looking RTA tank that puts ease of use first, all the while making sure that you get a great vaping experience.

The 5ml tank capacity makes this one of the largest tanks around. This can be a perfect MTL vape tank for those that don’t want to spend time refilling, such as if they have found their perfect e-liquid of choice. The side filling shouldn’t be a problem here.

The Brunhilde comes with everything you need to set it up, including coils and wicking cotton, making for a great all-in-one purchase. The coils are easy to put in and wick properly, so you won’t have any problems with this one from the get-go.

Overall, this is a great product for beginners and pros alike!


4. OFRF Gear RTA 24mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

OFRF offers a simple small RTA in the Gear RTA 24mm. Don’t be fooled by its size as it packs quite a punch.
The 2ml e-liquid glass tank can be improved to hold 3.5ml if you put the bubble glass extension on it. You may agree that the tank can hold quite a lot of juice considering its small size.

The single-coil build deck is fairly easy to build on and wick. This rebuildable comes with its own coil so you don’t have to worry about that if you don’t have one at the ready.

This compact RTA generates plenty of flavor, and its small size means that you’ll have no problems with vaping on the go.

This RTA appears at fourth on our list of the best RTA vape tanks.


3. Steam Crave Glaz 31mm RTA V2

The Glaz v2 has made great strides compared to the original Glaz, as you’re about to find out.
This is a massive RTA (at least compared to the rest on this list), which at 31mm of width will feel quite bulkier, but that doesn’t have to dissuade you from trying it out.

The dual coil setup is fairly easy to accomplish, but do note that the RTA doesn’t come with coils, so you’ll need to find some yourself.

The massive 7ml capacity of the glass tank can be further increased to 10ml if you use the bubble glass extension, the very definition of an enduring RTA.

Additionally, the coil chamber of the Glaz v2 is see-through so you can admire the action of this RTA while you’re using it, perhaps adding an extra dimension of fun to this already great RTA.

Overall, with the improvements made, the Glaz v2 is a great RTA that packs quite a punch, both regarding size and flavor.


2. Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite 23mm RTA V1.5

The Aromamizer brings plenty of flavor but without sacrificing build quality.

The single-build section can be easily slotted into the tank and is fairly simple to set up and wick. This is a great RTA to start with, but you’ll need a coil to get it going. Just make sure that the coil is up to your personal preference and you’re good to go.

The 3.5ml glass tank capacity can be improved to 4.5ml with a bubble glass extension, making this a good-sized RTA to carry around. The top-filling makes this a breeze to refill on the go.

The airflow control on this piece is done cleanly and you can adjust it easily to your preference. The RTA comes with a wider drip-tip for regular use and an MTL drip tip for enthusiasts.

The only part we’re unsure about is that the build platform can require a bit of pushing to get slotted into the tank, but that only requires a few tries at first and shouldn’t pose any problems.

The flavor of this RTA is what sets it apart. It produces plenty of vapor, but it’s the bountiful flavor unleashed that represents the main selling point of the Aromamizer.


1. Hellvape X Mike Vapes Rebirth 25mm RTA

Hellvape partnered with Mike Vapes to bring rebirth into the vaping community, figuratively and, as the resultant Rebirth 25mm, RTA is one of the best on the market.

The RTA tank can hold 2ml of liquid by default, but you can always upgrade to 5ml with the bubble glass extension, making it a sizable yet compact RTA.

The single build terminal can have two coils running through it, with the improved airflow through the coils allowing for a much smoother draw experience. The Rebirth is easy to wick and will pose no problems during setup, as you just need to pair it with the best coils you have available.

The easy-to-build RTA generates a superb flavor and vaping experience, and you should consider making it your next RTA.


What is an RTA tank?

The acronym RTA stands for ‘Rebuildable Tank Atomizer’. RTA’s are just one of many different types of atomizers that you can use on your vape mod. Most RTA tanks are easily identifiable because they contain the following components:

  • Rebuildable coil.
  • Deck.
  • Chimney.
  • Glass Tube.

RTA tanks are unique in the way they function. A standard RTA tank utilizes gravity and also pressure. This is contrary to the more modern method of eliquid delivery like squonking or dripping.

Please be aware a well-built RTA can be just as good as any RBA or RDA atomizer. Furthermore, it just takes time and practice to get the most out of your RTA.


How does an RTA tank work?

In layman terms, an RTA tank works as follows,

  1. Install your rebuildable coil or coils into the deck. The deck sits in the middle or just under the tank.
  2. On either side of the deck will be wicking holes that you pull your cotton through.
  3. The coils and deck are encapsulated within a vacuum-tight chimney or bell system.
  4. Gravity and the pressure created by this seal help feed eliquid up your wicks.
  5. During the heating process, the eliquid will turn to vapor and shoot up the chimney.

The most important thing to remember when building an RTA is to get your wicking right.

If you don’t do this properly, your RTA won’t work as intended. In the beginning, you may experience the occasional dry hit. This means your wicks are too thick or too thin. Also, don’t forget that it’s important to use quality vape cotton.


Why you should use an RTA

If you’ve never used an RTA before, we would recommend first trying out an RDA.

This is because RDA’s are much more forgiving if wicked poorly. Once you feel comfortable building on an RDA, then trying out an RTA will be less daunting.

RTA’s are great if you enjoy flavor and clouds but are constantly on the go. The extra eliquid capacity that an RTA can provide is the biggest reason why you should use one.


What’s the difference between an RTA and RDTA?

The main difference between an RTA and RDTA is the deck design.

An RDTA usually has an open deck, with no chimney or bell system. The e-juice reservoir sits beneath the deck and also sometimes even allows the user to drip.

It essentially bridges the gap between what’s considered an RDA and RTA. Overall RDTA’s provide the best of both worlds and although it’s old technology, we have seen more brands releasing RDTA’s as of late.


What are the advantages of using an RTA?

Using an RTA comes with many advantages. This includes,

  • Cheaper to run compared to a sub-ohm tank.
  • It can hold a tank’s worth of eliquid.
  • Similar flavor and cloud production to other rebuildable devices.


What are the disadvantages of using an RTA?

While RTA’s are great, they do have their disadvantages. This includes,

  • Some RTA’s can be challenging to build on due to their size constraints.
  • If you don’t wick properly, you can get dry hits.
  • Changing flavors and also re-wicking requires a little more effort.
  • Larger overall appearance.



We hope you found the RTA of your dreams from this list. You should get a rebuildable tank that serves all your needs and is easy to build and change whenever you need to customize it further.

To summarize, here are the 11 best RTA vape tanks:

  1. Hellvape X Mike Vapes Rebirth 25mm RTA
  2. Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite 23mm RTA V1.5
  3. Steam Crave Glaz 31mm RTA V2
  4. OFRF Gear RTA 24mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
  5. Vapefly Brunhilde MTL RTA 5ml
  6. Svoe Mesto Kayfun Lite 24mm MTL RTA
  7. Asmodus Anani 24.5mm MTL RTA
  8. Wotofo X Mr.Justright1 X TVC Profile Unity 25MM RTA
  9. Dovpo X Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA
  10. Svoe Mesto Kayfun Lite 22mm MTL RTA
  11. Geek Vape Zeus X Mesh RTA 25mm

Which of the best RTA vape tanks would you buy? Leave a comment below.

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