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The 8 Best-Selling DNA Vapor Flavors



The Best-Selling DNA Vapor Flavors

Want to know the best-selling DNA Vapor flavors?

DNA Vapor is a trending e-liquid brand based out of sunny California, USA.

They proudly boast a delectable line of naturally sweet fruit fusion flavored e-juices. Each blend is meticulously made from only the best quality USP sourced ingredients.

This brand, among many other popular vape juices, is distributed by Daddy’s Vapor. This includes well-known lines like Twist E-Liquid, Banana Butt, Pop Clouds, and also FRYD.

Eliquid manufactured by Daddy’s Vapor, not only tastes great but is also proudly USA-owned and operated.

As a result, they’ve won dozens of e-juice awards from various vape shows across the globe. You can also rest at ease knowing their vape juices do NOT contain any nasty additives like Diacetyl.

This particular chemical is approved for ingestion but is known to cause a decline in respiratory function when inhaled.


The Best-Selling DNA Vapor Flavors

DNA Vapor boasts over 12 different e-liquids that include nicotine salt variations.

Each 60ml bottle retails for a low price of $18.99 USD. That’s extremely cheap in comparison to similar brands on the market. As a result, I would recommend picking up a few bottles from this list.

You can even save a bit more cash by shopping on the Daddy’s Vapor website direct. They also do free shipping on orders over $59 USD statewide.

This top 8 best-selling DNA Vapor flavors list will hopefully make your life much easier whilst browsing for new e-liquids to try.

DNA Vapor does some fantastic exotic fruit, candy, menthol, and dessert flavors worth sussing out.

We’ve also added some bonus tobacco e-juices from a very similar line for you to check out. Keep reading below to unearth each mouthwatering DNA Vapor flavor profile.


1. Pompaya

Pompaya by DNA Vapor is an insanely popular eliquid and as a result, appears first on our best sellers list.

The interesting palate and particular layering make for a very enjoyable vape. Furthermore, you can puff on this blend all day long without getting tired of the flavor profile.

It contains just the right amount of sweet, sour, and tart elements to appease even the fussiest of fruit vapers.

On the inhale, you’ll experience the tart and also slightly sour-tasting pomegranate. This is followed up promptly by a naturally sweet papaya flavor.

The two then intertwine and create a totally unique concoction. Pompaya is a solid exotic fruit mix that’s guaranteed to excite your taste buds. This is because the proprietary concentrates work so well together.

It’s also not sickeningly sweet like some other brands.


2. Peachango

Peachango by DNA Vapor is a tropical masterpiece that you should definitely add to your daily rotation.

The peach and mango flavor profiles compliment each other so well, much like the best-selling Pompaya eliquid. You can expect an interesting layering effect that DNA Vapor is well known for.

The concentrates that DNA Vapor has chosen to use are top-shelf quality. They literally taste just like the real thing whilst vaping.

On the inhale, you’ll taste a sweet and creamy mango flavor. It’s not too overbearing or sour like other e-juice brands.

Towards the hit, you’ll experience a slightly acidic peach flavor that delivers a much-needed tang to the overall vape.

These two profiles then intertwine to create a lovely fruit blend that’s sweet, silky, and also very smooth. This vape juice pairs well with a fruit smoothie or cocktail. It’s also perfect to vape on during a hot day.


3. Dragonthol

Dragonthol by DNA Vapor is an icy cool mix of menthol and exotic dragon fruit.

I’m a big fan of menthol blends, so naturally, I was very intrigued to try out this unique flavor pairing.

I’m happy to report that you certainly won’t be disappointed. The menthol is nice and cold, but not too sharp like some other brands. The sweetness from the dragon fruit really takes this eliquid to a completely new level.

On the inhale, you’ll experience the exciting menthol flavor. It’s bold, minty, and very refreshing. At the same time, the dragon fruit profile is introduced.

Both flavors work well together and neither overpowers the other. It’s very sweet and slightly tart. After the exhale, you’re left with a lovely cool fruit aftertaste.

I loved chain vaping on this flavor because the menthol gets continually stronger.


4. Key-Lime Crumble

Key-Lime Crumble by DNA Vapor is our first dessert-style eliquid to make this list.

This is for good reason.

DNA Vapor is one of the few brands that have nailed this complex flavor straight out of the gates. The intricate pie and also lime flavor tastes genuine.

It’s a lovely pastry eliquid that has a hint of fruit. It’s best enjoyed after a good meal or with a hot coffee.

On the inhale, you’ll taste a light and fluffy pastry flavor that’s expertly intertwined with a fresh acidic lime flavor.

It’s sweet, tangy, and so delicious to vape on!

As you continue to puff on Key-Lime Crumble, you should start to taste undertones of graham crackers. The attention to detail given to the layering is excellent.

My hat goes off to the chef on this one. Any sweet tooth is going to love this delectable mix.


5. Custard Tobacco

Custard Tobacco is from the Feared E-Liquid line.

We’ve included it on this list as a bonus because DNA Vapor is primarily a fruit brand. It’s made by the same company and is very satisfying to puff on.

The tobacco concentrate in this mix is rich and full-bodied.

The addition of custard evens out the boldness of the tobacco. It also adds a nice creamy undertone that complements the overall blend.

On the inhale, you’ll taste that classic tobacco flavor that we all know and love. As previously mentioned, the subtle custard flavor helps enhance the tobacco profile by mellowing it out and adding a touch of sweetness.

If you’re new to vaping, I’d recommend checking out Custard Tobacco by Feared E-Liquid. It’s buttery smooth to vape on and each puff is a delight. I have no doubts when recommending this e-juice to my friends and family.


6. Strawberry Strand

Strawberry Strand by DNA Vapor is a mouthwatering sweet eliquid that’s sure to be a hit with candy lovers.

This strawberry flavor is a bit of a slow burner. The flavor almost gets better the longer you vape on it.

It contains a naturally sweet strawberry sugar concentrate that’s utterly addictive. If I had to compare it to something I would say it’s very similar to a red Starburst chew.

On the inhale, you’ll experience an intense strawberry flavor that’s candied and exceptionally sweet.

This continues to build up until the hit. After the exhale you’re left with a delicious lolly aftertaste. It almost encourages you to take another puff. The flavor is pretty simple but done right.

The quality ingredients really push it over the line.

Make sure to add this one to your shopping list if you enjoy strawberries.


7. Honeyloupe

Honeyloupe by DNA Vapor is a really hard flavor profile to get right.

This is because most melon concentrates taste quite sour. DNA Vapor has spent a long time trialing different levels of ingredients to create an authentic melon experience.

It’s not often that you come across a fantastic flavor like this on the vaping market. After the first taste, I’m sure you’ll be spreading the word to all your melon lover friends.

On the inhale, you’ll taste a unique blend of sweet honeydew and also tart cantaloupe fruit.

It tastes just like the real thing!

On the exhale, you’ll relish in the sugary goodness that thankfully doesn’t provide a musky aftertaste. Each melon element is distinctive and easily identifiable after a few vapes. Many have tried to master this elusive flavor but failed.

Honeyloupe by DNA Vapor, on the other hand, has knocked it out of the park.


8. Feared Tobacco by Feared E-Liquid

Feared Tobacco by Feared E-Liquid is a great option for smokers that are looking for a familiar cigarette taste, without all the nasty added chemicals.

It’s easy to vape on and contains a rather complex concentrate blend considering it’s a plain tobacco flavor.

The smooth inhales and also great taste make Feared Tobacco a fantastic option for new vapers.

On the inhale, you’ll experience that classic tobacco leaf flavor. It’s rich and also slightly sweet to taste. Towards the hit this flavor intensifies. This is when all the subtle undertones of different tobacco concentrate come into play.

On the exhale, a bold tobacco aftertaste will linger in your mouth. If you miss the taste of a traditional tobacco flavor, make sure to try this one out.



Here’s a quick recap of the best-selling DNA Vapor flavors:

  1. Pompaya
  2. Peachango
  3. Dragonthol
  4. Key-Lime Crumble
  5. Custard Tobacco
  6. Strawberry Strand
  7. Honeyloupe
  8. Feared Tobacco

Which of the best-selling DNA Vapor flavors Is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

Adam Fury is the founder of We Vape Mods and author of 'Quit Smoking with Vaping'. He's reviewed 100's of vaping products and written dozens of vaping articles that include guides, news, and editorial pieces.

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