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The 7 Best-Selling Off The Record E-Liquid Flavors



The Best-Selling Off The Record E-Liquid Flavors

Want to know the best-selling Off The Record E-Liquid flavors?

Off The Record is a well-established USA e-liquid brand that takes inspiration from legendary music albums.

They boast two mouthwatering lines that include a self-titled Off The Record run and also Cronutz.

Their e-juice comprises some fantastic fruit, candy, and dessert flavor profiles that are sure to please any crowd. Daddy’s Vapor mixes and distributes this brand alongside DNA Vapor and the award-winning Twist E-Liquids line.

Daddy’s Vapor is one of the biggest e-liquid manufacturers in California.

This is because they only sell great-tasting juice that’s high-quality and Diacetyl-free. The best USP ingredients (PG, VG, and food-grade flavorings) that go into every bottle are sourced from reputable suppliers that trade stateside.

Daddy’s Vapor blends do NOT contain vitamin E acetate, which is a chemical that research suggests when inhaled, can be fatal.


The Best-Selling Off The Record E-Liquid Flavors

Off The Record boasts 8 amazing e-liquids that include freebase nicotine and Nic Salt varieties.

Cronutz adds an additional 3 flavors into the mix for you to choose from. The 11 total blends retail from $19.99 for a 30ml salt or 60ml freebase nicotine bottle.

Alternatively, you can purchase through the official Off The Record website and get each bottle for just $16.99 (on a monthly subscription). That works out to be 15% off the RRP!

Vaping Gorilla has partnered up with Daddy’s Vapor to compile these top 7 flavors for you.

There are thousands of different e-juice brands currently on the market, and we know personally how hard it can be to find a good blend that’s worth vaping on.

Make sure to read through each vape juice description to learn about its flavor profile in detail.

We’ve spent countless hours deliberating which flavors deserved to make this best-of list.


1. Captain Fantastik Sour Rainbow

Captain Fantastik Sour Rainbow by Off The Record is by far the most loved flavor on this list.

As a result, it appears first on our top 7 best sellers list.

Vapers all across the globe have purchased this fantastic flavor in mass. It’s such an easy profile to vape all day. The candied fruit-inspired blend is most comparable to a bag of Skittles.

This very popular candy e-liquid delivers a sweet and also slightly sour puff.

On the inhale, you’ll experience a fruity combination that’s deliciously sugary.

The flavor profile will intensify until the hit. On the exhale, you’ll taste a subtle sour flavor. It adds a nice extra dimension to the overall vape. This is the type of blend that everyone can enjoy.

It caters to both fruit and candy lovers. If you buy one flavor from this list, make sure it’s Captain Fantastik Sour Rainbow.


2. B.S.S.M Strawberry Watermelon Sour

B.S.S.M Strawberry Watermelon Sour by Off The Record comes a close second on this list, and for a good reason.

The universally loved strawberry and watermelon fruit flavor profiles join forces in yet another fantastic e-liquid fusion.

This sweet and sour mix is perfect for fruit lovers because the flavors are complementary and super easy to vape on. The e-liquid chefs at Off The Record have really outdone themselves for this particular blend.

On the inhale, you’ll taste a sweet symphony of each flavor profile.

They expertly intertwine with each other throughout the vape. This continues until the very satisfying exhale. The aftertaste is superb and will egg you on to take another hit.

B.S.S.M Strawberry Watermelon Sour is very easy to vape on.

Just make sure to drink lots of water to counteract the subtle sour tang.


3. L.A.M.F Strawberry Cheesecake

L.A.M.F Strawberry Cheesecake by Off The Record is the first dessert e-liquid to appear on this list.

It’s a classic flavor that’s relatively hard to pull off. It’s also considered to be a complex mix by many e-juice chefs.

Thankfully, Off The Record has masterfully crafted the perfect blend of sweet and savory concentrates to produce the ultimate strawberry cheesecake vape juice.

On the inhale, you’ll experience a tart strawberry profile that tastes fresh and slightly acidic.

This is quickly followed up by a graham cracker flavor that combines eloquently with the strawberry. Together they deliver an authentic sweet pastry vape that’s utterly irresistible.

L.A.M.F Strawberry Cheesecake can be enjoyed after a good meal or while drinking a hot cup of joe.

This decadent e-liquid allows you to indulge without any added calories.


4. Liquid Swords Berry Smoothie

Liquid Swords Berry Smoothie by Off The Record is a uniquely different flavor profile that merges fruit and dessert style elements into the one tasty e-liquid blend.

It’s another one of those easy, all-day vapes that everyone can get around. I found myself constantly puffing away on it without ever getting sick of the flavor profile.

This particular e-juice is definitely aimed more towards sweet tooths that enjoy multi-layered mixes.

On the inhale, you’ll taste hints of blueberries, strawberries, and also bananas.

Each concentrate can be individually picked after a few puffs.

In the background, you’ll experience the creamy yogurt flavor. It’s so smooth and ties the whole vape together.

Liquid Swords Berry Smoothie is perfect for breakfast and dessert lovers because you can enjoy the flavor without cleaning your blender.


5. Shamrock

Cronutz Shamrock 60ml Vape Juice
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Shamrock by Cronutz is chock full of sugary flavor profiles for you to indulge on.

This dessert and cereal hybrid e-liquid contains only the best quality concentrates. This helps produce a flavorsome and true-to-taste vape that’s perfect to puff on when you feel like a treat.

I honestly couldn’t get enough of this e-juice because of how intensely saccharine it is.

The flavor is full-on and well worth a try if you enjoy sickly sweet things.

On the inhale, you’ll experience a dense bakery-style croissant and donut flavor.

It’s buttery, creamy, and also very comforting. As you approach the hit, the flavor does a 180. It starts to taste like marshmallows and also cereal.

This change in taste makes Shamrock by Cronutz super fun to vape on. It’s like two flavors in one.

Furthermore, the four different flavor profiles will linger on your palate well after the puff.


6. Toasted Coconut

Cronutz Toasted Coconut 60ml Vape Juice
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Toasted Coconut by Cronutz is a much more mellow e-liquid to vape on compared to the last one.

It’s great if you prefer single concentrate blends. Coconut is a bold flavor profile that doesn’t necessarily need additional flavors to enhance the vape. What Cronutz has done instead is toasted the coconut and added a small amount of cream concentrate.

As a result, its pure simplicity hasn’t been sacrificed but instead enhanced.

On the inhale, you’ll taste a light coconut flavor that’s rather crisp and absolutely delicious.

As you approach the hit, you’ll start to notice the rich cream foundation flavor that slowly gets stronger.

As you exhale, the two flavors will combine to create a new taste that I’ve never experienced before. Sometimes plain and simple turn out better than over-engineered.

Toasted Coconut is the perfect example of this.


7. Blueberry

Cronutz Blueberry 60ml Vape Juice
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Blueberry by Cronutz is the final blend of our top 7 best Off The Record e-liquid flavors.

Cronutz has taken this relatively basic flavor profile and turned it into something special.

Blueberries are an insanely popular fruit e-juice that many vapers enjoy. Backed by a team of expert juice chefs, Cronutz has produced an authentic blueberry flavor that tastes better than the real thing.

On the inhale, you’ll experience a sweet and tart blueberry flavor.

It’s juicy, fresh, and also slightly sour—everything and more that you’d expect to taste when eating a real blueberry.

The flavor intensifies towards the hit and starts to taste sugary. This is because it cleverly doesn’t leave behind a weird aftertaste like some other blueberry e-liquids.

Fruit lovers are going nuts over this particular blend.



Here’s a quick recap of the best-selling Off The Record E-Liquid flavors:

  1. Captain Fantastik Sour Rainbow
  2. B.S.S.M Strawberry Watermelon Sour
  3. L.A.M.F Strawberry Cheesecake
  4. Liquid Swords Berry Smoothie
  5. Shamrock
  6. Toasted Coconut
  7. Blueberry

Which of the best-selling Off The Record E-Liquid flavors is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

Adam Fury is the founder of We Vape Mods and author of 'Quit Smoking with Vaping'. He's reviewed 100's of vaping products and written dozens of vaping articles that include guides, news, and editorial pieces.

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