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The 10 Best Squonk Mods for Vaping



The Best Squonk Mods

Which are the best Squonk mods to vape with?

Squonking mods aren’t a new thing on the market, despite the fact you may have first heard about them only recently. This mod type has taken the vaping world by storm in the past couple of years.

If you aren’t sure what a squonker is, it’s a mod for vaping that comes with an e-liquid bottle built right into it. Essentially, a squonker will allow you to pump e-juice into the coils and wicks at your rate of preference.


The 10 Best Squonk Mods to Buy

We’ve used sources around the web such as Vaping360 and Versed Vaper to put together this article.

Without further ado, here is our list of the best squonk mods to use for vaping:


10. Uwell Blocks 90W

Best Squonk Mods - Uwell Blocks 90W

Price: $36.95

Kicking off our list of the best squonk mods is the Uwell Blocks 90W mod.

Although the Uwell Blocks designs aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, this squonking mod boasts what’s potentially the largest squonk bottle size currently on the market. We’re talking about a juice capacity of as much as 15ml.

Then, there’s the build quality factor, which is simply amazing. You get a surprisingly sturdy squonk bottle, a powerful pump system, and neatly organized internal parts. Despite its whopping capacity, Uwell Blocks 90W remains compact, in fact, more compact than many squonkers of much smaller capacities.

This mod excels at vapor production, as well, and brings solid flavor and a warm vape.

The RDA section here is, unfortunately, subpar. And there are a few other minor issues that are, nonetheless, still annoying. For instance, the build deck is constructed in a way that requires you to build coils fairly low. Granted, this is not a huge deterrent, but it can be somewhat time-consuming.



9. iJoy Capo SRDA

Best Squonk Mods - iJoy Capo SRDA

Price: $59.99

The Capo squonker isn’t the world’s most compact, but it’s not bulky, especially when you consider the fact it can house a 21700 battery, in addition to the squonk bottle and the chip. You can also go with a 20700 or 18650 battery size.

The firing button is generously large, and the display screen is a good size, as well. This mod can fit atomizers that are as big as 25mm in diameter and do so without any overhang. Of course, this means that you should expect the build deck to be a bit hefty.

The buttons have a quality and comfortable feel, which is an advantage over a variety of other squonkers in the same price range.

Thanks to the two-post build deck, the installation of the coil the atomizer is straightforward and quick.

The menu system is simple to use, thanks to the large screen on the device. However, since this is a wattage-exclusive mod, don’t expect temperature controls. This isn’t necessarily a downside but may be a preference thing.


8. Dovpo x TV Carbon 200W

Best Squonk Mods - Dovpo x TV Carbon 200W

Price: $144.95

The first thing that you’ll notice straight out of the box with this mod is its build quality. Take it out and feel how comfortable it feels. To some, it might feel big and bulky, thanks to the dual battery capacity. So, if you’re looking for a compact device that will fit any pocket, you might not be too happy with Dovpo x TVC.

With that said, many vapers prefer large mods or, at the very least, don’t mind them, especially when you take the ergonomic shape of this model into account. At 10ml, the squonk tank is larger than most models on the market.

In terms of aesthetics, the physical appearance of this squonker is unique. You get eight color options that all look brilliant. The design is also one-of-a-kind, which you’ll notice straight out of the box.

Finally, it’s simple to use, including its menu system.


7. Wotofo x Tony B. Dyadic

Best Squonk Mods - Wotofo x Tony B. Dyadic

Price: $59.95

Powerful, fast-firing, and elegant, this squonker from Wotofo makes a perfect choice if you’re looking for the intuitive design and ergonomic shape.

It boasts a whopping 200-watt squonk mod that can fit a 25mm atomizer with no overhang. It takes 18650 batteries (it’s dual-battery), and slipping them in or out is easy.

In the ergonomic department, Wotofo x Tony B. Dyadic excels – it’s somewhat of a joy to hold and use.

One of the biggest downsides, though, is that it’s right-hand designed. The fire button is very uncomfortable for left-handed people.

The 8.5ml bottle isn’t the biggest on the market, but this can be more than enough for the average vaper who is into squonking. A downside is the bottle is made out of a dark material that makes checking the liquid level overly difficult.


6. GeekVape Aegis Squonk

Best Squonk Mods - GeekVape Aegis Squonk

Price: $45.95

If you’re into the tactical look and feel when it comes to a vaping device, GeekVape Aegis might be the ideal squonker for you. The thick rubber coating and the black design give it an aggressive look, but the design also ensures a better grip for more drop resistance.

On the front, there’s a 0.96” black and white screen with a clear and bright display. The USB charging port is located at the mod’s side, safely tucked away under a rubber plug.

The bottle is nice and firm, but it’s also soft on your hands – the perfect balance, which is pretty amazing. The only downside is that they are proprietary. In other words, you can’t have spare bottles on the side just in case. You can get some extra bottles, however, but they don’t come with a cap, so tough luck.

The actual squonk system is separate from the remainder of the mod, meaning internal leaks are highly unlikely, which can be a huge deal.


5. Dovpo x TVC 90W

Best Squonk Mods - Dovpro x TVC 90W

Price: $59.95

This is a 90W squonking mod that’s 21700-capable in terms of battery capacity. It is built from a zinc-stainless steel-aluminum combo, which makes for a resilient, firm, and reliable device. TE at 89.3g, but with the Dovpo x TVC 90W, you won’t have to worry about dropping it.

The design is ergonomically curved, which is the exact opposite of most of the usual bulky, square-shaped squonker design.

The keys on it are very firm, but not stiff enough to present an operating issue. The display is 0.96” OLED and features a whole lot of vital information.

The TVC 90W appears 5th on this list of the best squonk mods.


4. Dovpo x TVC 200W

Best Squonk Mods - Dovpro x TVC 200W


Price: $59.95

Although it may seem like a heavy-duty, exclusive mod, this Dovpo model is very versatile. It brings a dual 18650 battery design to the table, which means more battery life. It also boasts a chipset that’s 200W-capable, so it packs quite a punch.

The included silicone bottle is top-filling and has a capacity of 10ml. This isn’t the largest capacity on the market, but 10ml is more than enough for most vapers.

In other respects, this model is similar to the Dovpo x TVC 90W model.\


3. Augvape DRUGA 22

Best Squonk Mods - Augvape DRUGA 22

Price: $28.95

The DRUGA 22 isn’t the smallest squonk mod out there, but it can be referred to as “compact.” This model is made of plastic, which may not instill too much confidence in terms of resilience, but you can bet it’s very lightweight.

Don’t worry, though, the fire button is made of Ultem (a polyetherimide thermoplastic material), which gives it a nice, firm press. This is not to say you’ll have difficulties using the mod, but it does ensure that the fire button doesn’t end up getting pressed while in your pocket.

It has an 8ml juice bottle, which is a lot considering the size of the mod.


2. USV Mach ON3

Best Squonk Mods - USV Mach ON3

Price: $57.95

If you’re into sizable mods, USV Mach ON3 won’t disappoint you. Plus, it features a frame that’s completely made out of zinc alloy. Still, despite its massive dimensions, the mod sits comfortably in your hand and has comfortable ergonomics to brag about.

Considering its size, a large TFT display is desirable. Thankfully, USV Mach ON3 doesn’t disappoint here – it features a 1.3” TFT color display. So, you can expect clear access to all the necessary information.

The back door uses magnets to seal it shut, which makes removing the squonk bottle very easy.

Considering the mod’s size, it is surprisingly slender, which is where its solid ergonomics come into play. It’s one of the large-sized squonkers that, nonetheless, look aesthetically pleasing and sits in hand comfortably.

The unit doesn’t come with a second replacement bottle, which is a shame as their proprietary bottle design is impeccable.

Finally, it features an advanced chipset that performs more than admirably.


1. SnowWolf VFeng BF

Best Squonk Mods - SnowWolf VFeng BF

Price: $59.99

This model is particularly unique and has made the top of this list because it boasts one brilliant innovation – dual squonk bottles. A feature like that can be a hit-or-miss type of situation, but SnowWolf has managed to produce a hit here.

This squonker not only allows you to have a larger bottle capacity, but you can swap between different flavors on the go, or even use a combination of two flavors. This allows you to get creative and come up with your flavor combos.

Naturally, this is not what you’d consider a small mod. It’s sizable but, hey, you do get to use two bottles at the same time after all.

Other than this unique feature, everything else works like a charm. The fire button is thumb-sized, hexagonal in shape, and clicky, although not too soft.

The TFT color display is 1.3” in size, which is perfect for this large model.


What Are Squonk Box Mods?

A squonk box mod typically contains the following,

  • Built-in squeezable bottle
  • Feeding tube
  • Open 510 pin

Commonly referred to as a ‘squonker’, they are usually paired with a rebuildable dripping atomizer ( RDA ).

This eliminates the need to drip and provides the added bonus of extra eliquid storage.

The first DIY squonkable box mod was made in 2009 by a vaping forum user called Carlos49. This prompted vape manufacturer REO to commercially produce something similar called the Grand Squonk Mod in 2010.

As the years went by many companies including Kanger Tech brought new innovative ideas and engineering possibilities to the table. This helped create what squonking is today.


How Do Squonkers Work?

In layman terms, a squonk box mod works as follows:

  1. Add eliquid to the squonk bottle.
  2. Squeeze squonk bottle or press plunger to move e-liquid up the feeding tube.
  3. The eliquid will pass through your open 510 pin and into your rebuildable dripping atomizer.
  4. The harder you squeeze or push will result in more eliquid being funneled through.
  5. Depending on the particular RDA, your eliquid will usually flow over or just under your cotton and coils.
  6. When heated, the eliquid will turn into vapor, which is then inhaled.

It’s important to not over squonk when using a squonk box mod. This can be easily done since your atomizer is usually covered, meaning no sightlines. Depending on how deep your juice well is, you may end up overfilling your atomizer.

We would recommend when first using your squonk box mod to take off your atomizer’s top cap and softly squeeze your squonk bottle. Make a mental note of how much eliquid is fed into the chamber.

Try a little harder until you get a nice amount of eliquid to saturate your wick and coils. This should make it easier in the future to squonk without looking.


The Different Types of Squonk Mods

There are many different types of squonk mods to choose from in 2021.

Gone are the days of mechanical only squonkers. Many companies now manufacturer regulated squonk mods, like the ones featured in the list above. The main differences are the method of filling and delivery.

This includes:

  • Bottom Fed: The squonk bottle is inserted via the bottom or side of your device. It can only be filled when removed.
  • Top Fed: The squonk bottle can be filled by removing the top cap. This reduces the chances of making a mess.
  • Plunger: Utilizing air pressure, a plunger will pump eliquid from your squonk bottle and up into your atomizer.

The most common type of delivery is bottom-fed, with top-fed technology still being a relatively new thing. The plunger is a bit old school but can benefit people with limited finger strength.


What Are the Advantages of Using a Squonker?

Some advantages of using a squonk box mod would have to be the ability to wet your coils without dripping.

Just a quick press of your squonk bottle and you’re ready to vape again. The added eliquid capacity is also a bonus.

Some squonk bottles can carry even more e-juice than a standard sub-ohm tank.


What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Squonk?

Some disadvantages of using a squonk box mod would be that it’s usually restricted to rebuildable dripping atomizers, excluding the Desire Design Squonky Sub-Ohm Tank.

This, in turn, means that you will also need to learn how to build on an RDA. While not hard, it does require some practice.

Squonkers can also cost a little bit more than standard box mods, because of the extra materials required.



Although we encourage you to try every squonk mod on the list, we’ve personally settled on the SnowWolf VFeng BF. It’s versatile and allows you to do what most other squonkers can’t.

If you aren’t into large squonkers or combining flavors, we’re still certain you’ll find your perfect model somewhere on this list.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best squonk mods:

  1. SnowWolf VFeng BF
  2. USV Mach ON3
  3. Augvape DRUGA 22
  4. Dovpro x TVC 200W
  5. Dovpro x TVC 90W
  6. GeekVape Aegis Squonk
  7. Wotofo x Tony B. Dyadic
  8. Dovpo x TV Carbon 200W
  9. iJoy Capo SRDA
  10. Uwell Blocks 90W

Which of the best squonk mods would you buy? Leave a comment below.

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