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The 9 Best Vape Cotton Brands



The Best Vape Cotton Brands

Which are the best vape cotton brands?

After experimenting with mesh, silica, rayon, and hemp, vape manufacturers can safely say that vapers around the world universally prefer cotton as the best wicking material. If you’re wondering why, it’s simple – cotton is easy to use, inexpensive, and brings a neutral taste.

Cotton is especially great with rebuildables such as RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) or RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers). This is what makes cotton-wicking material one of the most vital supplies for vaping.


The 9 Best Vape Cotton Brands Reviewed

Here’s our list of the best vape cotton brands to consider choosing for your vape setup:


9. COTN Threads

COTN claims their cotton is pharma-grade, certified organic, and contains no bleach. Knowing that the company put at least some effort into making a vape cotton product that is as safe for use as possible is always great.

In each package, you get one packet of COTN Threads (comprising 20 agleted pieces of cotton), a battery wrap, and a sticker.

COTN Threads can fit ID coils between 2.5mm and 3.5mm. However, 3.0mm coils are the best fit.

As for the cotton itself, it’s very soft and easy to work with. Pull it from each of the ends, and it will give way easily.

The fluffy softness makes COTN easy to work with, as you don’t have to twist it into submission. But this also means that you should be gentle with these threads – pull them too hard, and you will tear them apart.

In terms of performance, COTN Threads feel very natural and don’t have a strange aftertaste.


8. Ultemp – The Swag Project Supreme

The tagline for Ultemp is basically “for vapers by vapers”; this should leave no doubt that the people behind this cotton fiber product know how to please the modern vaper.

One of the most amazing things about the Swag Project Supreme is that the cotton fibers wick so well, there’s no break-in period involved.

The fact there is no need to break in Swags doesn’t mean that fibers don’t last long or aren’t durable. The Ultemp Swags can withstand temperatures as high as 300° Celsius.

The Swags are also washable and reusable, despite being 100% organic. Don’t expect silica, acrylic, or nylon content. This is also why there are no chemicals or chemical odors detected while using the Swags.


7. Wotofo X Fiber

An extraordinary thing about the X Fiber vape cotton is that it’s grown in Xinjiang, which is known as an ideal place for growing cotton.

In this region, each piece of cotton is exposed to as much as 3,500 hours of direct sunlight per year. This is what makes for a quality product – smooth and long fibers, yet resilient and not easily pulled apart.
You can also expect an odorless and clean performance while using this vape cotton.

Even though it’s made from 100% quality original cotton and even though no chemicals are added, the X Fiber is still electro-cleaned.

You get 10 aglets of cotton inside the package. This makes Wotofo X Fiber easy to take with you. The strips are very resilient, meaning that the package will last quite some time. Wotofo X Fiber is ideal for all rebuildables, 6mm ID, and boasts a brilliant capacity for absorption.


6. Vapefly Firebolt

A remarkable thing about Vapefly Firebolt is that it’s made from premium organic cotton straight from Japan.

First, and most importantly, there are no weird smells or chemical odors from the Firebolt. It’s made in a 100% organic manner.

This brand of vape cotton is very easy to fluff up. A single flick at both ends pretty much gets you the sweet spot.

With most vape cotton products, you might be prepared for that first juice pouring. You know, the way the first couple of drops roll off the cotton if you aren’t paying total attention. Well, Vapefly Firebolt is absorbent enough to soak up the entire first juice pouring.

Since this brand of cotton does such a good job at soaking up the e-juice, you don’t have to worry about leaks or dry hits, even when the cotton is 50/50 dry.

Inside the package, you get 20 pieces and each package will last for a while.


5. COTN – Lumps

This is another excellent cotton package from COTN, but for a different crowd. Some vapers prefer having their cotton packages in pieces, while others want to go with a more customizable option.

COTN Lumps is a continuous organic cotton thread that allows you to choose the cotton length for the rebuildable accessory that fits your needs.

The product is 100% certified organic cotton that’s pharmaceutical-grade, contains no bleach, and is made in the USA. Also, you get a resealable bag that’s travel-sized, which is fantastic for the road.

Fast absorption is another excellent quality of COTN – Lumps. This means no e-juice spillage, no leaks, and no dry hits.

Expect an odorless, chemical-free vaping experience with COTN Lumps.


4. Japanese Organic Cotton Pads

The “Japanese” in the name of this product isn’t there for show. Japanese Organic Cotton Pads are genuinely made in Japan, which says a lot about the quality of this product.

The cotton is traditionally made by a manufacturer who’s been in the business for many years. And, of course, it’s made from 100% organic cotton.

The “100% organic” label means no pesticides, bleach, or other unnatural products were used in the manufacturing process.

The package contains 20 pads, which will last for quite some time.


3. Native Wicks Platinum

Being made in the USA and being RDTA-, RDA-, and RTA-compatible says a lot about a vape cotton brand. It means you get a pure flavor and long lifespan guarantee, which is impressive.

The Pima cotton is among the finest cotton blends available on the market. It does have a soft feel to it, but that doesn’t compromise its durability or absorption capabilities.

Inside the Native Wicks Platinum package, you get 3.5’ of cotton, which is a lot to fit into one pack. But the cotton inside, however, feels extremely fluffy, soft, and light. You don’t need to cut it into strips, pull a single piece off and use it.

Place the wick inside the coil, use a couple of e-juice drops, and get vaping. You’ll note the absorption capabilities immediately – no initial leakage or dripping, only instant absorption.

Expect no cotton aftertaste – Native Wicks Platinum guarantees this. The company is committed to giving you the pure e-liquid taste and nothing else.


2. Organic Cotton Bacon

No, there’s no bacon present in Cotton Bacon, and you don’t get the bacon aftertaste, either.

First of all, Cotton Bacon brings 100% organic, medical-grade cotton to the experience, which means a lot of absorption.

But what does medical grade bring to the table? Well, medical-grade cotton needs to be as pure as possible and be able to quickly absorb heavy liquids (such as blood). This feature also happens to be perfect for vaping purposes, as e-juice is a thick liquid type.

Of course, there are no chemicals, pesticides, or even natural oils. Organic Cotton Bacon comes sterile right out of the package.

This type of cotton is very soft. You don’t need to use scissors or any other tool to get the proper piece – just tear it into strips and roll it using your hands.

Although the Cotton Bacon package contains 10 pieces, the manufacturer claims that it can be used for wicking up to as many as 80 builds, which is a considerable number of builds.


1. Kendo Vape Cotton

Like a few other brands, the “Kendo” in the name of this product is intended to indicate that it’s cultivated and grown in Japan. It’s pesticide-free and unbleached and Kendo is among the purest vape cotton products available on the market.

You get zero flavor interference, no cotton taste, and fantastic absorption. Although the composition is very traditional, the packaging isn’t. Kendo is supplied in pads – you get a bag of cotton. All you need to do is tear it off, cut it down, and it’s ready for use.

Kendo Vape Cotton boasts a significantly longer lifespan than most of its competitors, even after heavy and frequent usage.



Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect brand for your vape cotton needs.

In our opinion, Kendo Vape Cotton beats its competition in every way possible. However, everyone has different preferences. We hope that you’ll try each item on this list and use your judgment and preferences to find an ideal option.

Once again, these are the options we reviewed in this article.

Dan Western is the founder of Wealthy Gorilla Limited, a media company owning several successful entertainment websites. Vaping Gorilla is the latest project. Dan and several other members of his team have been vaping for the past few years, and thought it was important to help others get the right information and guides for getting started.

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