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The 5 Best Vape Subscription Box Services

Check out the top 5 vape subscription box services from around the world in 2021! #1. ZampleBox · #2. Vape Mail · #3. VapeBox



The Best Vape Subscription Box Services

Which are the best vape subscription box services to use?

Looking for the best vape subscription box service, but not sure where to start?

Then check out the Vaping Gorilla top 5 list from around the world!

There’s a vape monthly subscription box to suit everybody.


What Is A Vape Subscription Box?

I don’t know about you but I love to get vape mail!

Arriving home from work to find a parcel with my name on it in the letterbox or at the front door. I always eagerly rip open the package ASAP to see what’s inside.

As a result, it gives me a good feeling inside and I always take a picture to show my vaping friends online.

So naturally, it makes sense to want vape mail on a regular basis. This is what a vape subscription box can provide. You pay a monthly fee for a predefined or mystery vape package.

Inside the vape subscription box, you can find a range of delicious e-liquids, tanks, or even different types of mods.


The Best Vape Box Subscription Services

Below we have the best 5 vape subscription box services available online. Hopefully, this article will make it easier for you to choose a vape subscription box that suits your taste and also budget.


1. ZampleBox


It’s no surprise that ZampleBox vape subscription box service is number one on our list.

ZampleBox boasts over 200,000 plus subscribers worldwide. Because of this, they have saved vapers over 10 million dollars in total savings. ZampleBox ships to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and also Australia among many others.

You can choose from three different subscriptions including,

  • 3 x 30ml bottles for $24 USD per month
  • 6 x 30ml bottles for $34 USD per month
  • 11 x 30ml bottles for $54 USD per month

The bigger the box, the more you save! Once you subscribe to a monthly ZampleBox, you’ll also get access to the ZampleBox wholesale catalog which offers members some amazing deals at bargain prices.


2. Vape Mail


Vape Mail is number two on this list. They are a UK-based vape subscription box service.

They offer vapers three different vape subscription boxes that are Silver, Gold, and also Platinum.

  • Silver costs £17.99 GBP and includes 100ml of eliquid and also 2 x Nic shots
  • Gold costs £29.99 GBP and includes 200ml of eliquid, 4 x Nic shots, and also a scratch card
  • Platinum costs £44.99 GBP and includes 300ml of eliquid, 6 x Nic shots, 2 scratch cards, and also a set of god coils

Vape Mail offers free shipping within the UK and ships their vape box subscriptions internationally for £12.50 GBP. There are no contracts and you can also cancel at any time.

Vape Mail can include some quite popular e-liquids in your boxes like Dinner Lady, Brew Bros, Mad Hatter Juice, Vape Wild, Mr. Wicks, and many more.


3. VapeBox


Appearing third on our list of the best vape subscription box services is Vape box. They offer vapers a choice of both e-liquids and vaping hardware clones.

Yep, you read that right, you can get a new clone atomizer or clone mod monthly. VapeBox offers four different subscription boxes including,

  • Sampler for $20 USD
  • Juice Lovers for $32 USD
  • Salt Nic for $34 USD
  • Enthusiast for $60 USD

The three cheaper boxes contain just e-juice, while the most expensive box contains vape juice and clone hardware.

VapeBox ships free to the USA on orders over $65 USD and worldwide via DHL for $25 USD. The countries VapeBox delivers include the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many more.

They also have a dedicated helpline that you can call between 9 am and 4 pm if you have any questions or problems.


4. VapeTins


The second last vape box subscription service on our list is VapeTins.

They’re a USA-based company that specializes in 60ml+ eliquid and hardware boxes. They’re also one of the few subscription-based services that offer a dedicated vape device-only option.

I’ve personally tested VapeTins out and it was amazing!

VapeTins offer 3 different subscriptions to choose from including,

  • Liquid Tin for $65.32 USD
  • Signature Tin for $69.99 USD
  • Modder Tin for $93.32 USD

The sheer number of premium vape juice brands that they carry is amazing. This list includes Vapetasia, Yogi, Cosmic Fog, Vape Dinner Lady, and Lemon Twist.

Another great thing about VapeTins is that you can skip a month, swap subscriptions, and even modify your delivery date.

You can conveniently change your active preferences in a fully customizable and also super user-friendly account section.


5. Craft Vapery

Craft Vapery

Coming in last is Craft Vapery. They were one of the original curated vaping boxes.

This subscription service allows users to build their own vape box with e-juices flavors they choose.

Your choices are:

  • 1 x 60 bottle for $18.95 USD
  • 2 x 6oml bottles for $36.95 USD
  • 3 x 60ml bottles for $44.95 USD
  • 4 x 60ml bottles for $52.99 USD

The more you order, the cheaper the eliquid gets. Because of this, you could be paying as little as 22 cents per ml.

Craft Vapery only ship within the United States, but they do offer free shipping on all their domestic orders. All vape juices are guaranteed to be premium, top-shelf stuff like Naked and also Dinner Lady.

Similar to VapeBox, Craft Vapery also have a dedicated phone number and email you can contact.


Why Vape Subscription Boxes Are Great

Some vape subscription box services allow you to choose your flavor preferences. As a result, your vape mail will be better suited to your own personal taste.

Other vape subscription box services will be a complete surprise! Vape subscription box services are also great if you love getting e-juice at discounted prices.

There are some fantastic savings to be had when you subscribe to a vape subscription box service.

That’s the great thing about vape subscription box services; you can choose a package to suit you. You never know when your next favorite e-juice, tank, or mod is waiting for you just around the corner!



Here’s a quick recap on our list of the best vape subscription box services to use:

  1. ZampleBox
  2. Vape Mail
  3. VapeBox
  4. VapeTins
  5. Craft Vapery

Which of these best vape subscription box services would you use? Leave a comment below.

Adam Fury is the founder of We Vape Mods and author of 'Quit Smoking with Vaping'. He's reviewed 100's of vaping products and written dozens of vaping articles that include guides, news, and editorial pieces.

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