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The 5 Most Expensive Vape Juices

Looking for the most expensive vape juice? We Vape Mods have scoured the internet and found the top 5 most expensive eliquid flavors.



Which are the most expensive vape juices in the world?

Do you consider yourself an e-juice connoisseur that likes to appreciate the finer things in life?

If so, then this article is right up your alley. We have scoured the internet looking for the most expensive vape juice you can get your hands on.

Now in order to make this list possible, we needed to exclude a few types of e-juices. This includes microbrewers, once-off mixes, and anything that could be considered too obscure for the general public to access.

We also decided to focus our research on some of the more popular online vape juice vendors like and


Is The Most Expensive Vape Juice Actually Any Good?

Please note that just because a particular vape juice is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is good.

But in our experience premium e-juices usually, attract a higher price tag. Finding the perfect vape juice that you like, cheap or expensive, is the ultimate goal, while still having a bit of fun.

Many vapers have dozens of favorites and it doesn’t mean that they don’t stop trying new ones.


The 5 Most Expensive Vape Juices

If you enjoy this article, you may want to check out our most expensive vape mod list. These prices may have changed since the article was originally written and published. We’ll do our best to keep this list as up to date as possible.

Now let’s get into our list of the most expensive vape liquids:


5. Strawberry Lychee Chew by King Jelly Eliquid


Price: $35.00

Coming in at the 5th most expensive vape juice is King Jelly.

Do you know the feeling you experience when chewing on a fresh piece of bubblegum?

That’s what vaping Strawberry Lychee Chew is like, every time you vape!

Unlike bubblegum that loses its sweet flavors after a few chews, Strawberry Lychee Chew will be sweet and delicious every time you load up your vaporizer.

Sweet strawberry and tropical Lychee fruit are combined to give you the ultimate bubblegum vape juice.


4. Grapple by Stackers Eliquid


Price: $39.99

Appearing 4th on our most expensive eliquid list is Grapple by Stackers.

It features two fruits which surprisingly don’t get put together a lot, but should! Grapple by Stackers is the ultimate combination of sweet delicious grapes and fresh crisp apples.

It’s like a super sweet vape juice with just the right balance of zest.

If you enjoy a good grape eliquid, but you’re tired of the same old grape flavor currently available on the market, then Grapple by Stackers could be the vape juice for you.


3. Filled by Glazed Eliquid


Price: $40.00

While not the most expensive, Filled by Glazed comes a close 3rd.

Is there anything better than a savory and sweet combination?

Filled by Glazed eliquid is like vaping that first bite of a warm, glazed, jam-filled donut! You get to experience the delicious flavor of the sweet and savory donut, a blast of sweet jam filling with just a dash of sugary glaze.


2. Ripe Vapes Handcrafted Joose – VCT Reserve Eliquid


Price: $41.99

VCT Reserve is a sophisticated eliquid, crafted for distinguished vapers.

The main point of difference is that Ripe Vapes claim to age their e-juice in oak barrels. While I don’t think that follows standard food safety laws, it’s still a cool idea. Much like a fine whiskey or wine.

On the inhale, you will experience a true-to-taste vanilla bean custard.

On the exhale you’re treated to a rich tobacco and toasted almond flavor. This is perfect for new and seasoned vapers. A familiar taste that has been jazzed with some delicious flavor profiles.


1. Cuties by Moku Oyatsu Eliquid


Price: $49.99

Now onto the world’s most expensive vape juice. Cuties by Moku Oyatsu is a sweet and bitter citrus eliquid flavor.

Unlike other fruit flavors, the master mixers at Moku Oyatsu have claimed to have created the ultimate fruit blend. While we think Moku Oyatsu is not one of the best vape brands on the market, it is worth a try.

This is one fruit-flavored vape juice that you will definitely want to add to your rotation.



Here’s a quick recap of the most expensive vape juices:

  1. Cuties by Moku Oyatsu Eliquid
  2. Ripe Vapes Handcrafted Joose – VCT Reserve Eliquid
  3. Filled by Glazed Eliquid
  4. Grapple by Stackers Eliquid
  5. Strawberry Lychee Chew by King Jelly Eliquid

What are the most expensive vape juices you have purchased? Leave a comment below.

Adam Fury is the founder of We Vape Mods and author of 'Quit Smoking with Vaping'. He's reviewed 100's of vaping products and written dozens of vaping articles that include guides, news, and editorial pieces.

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