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Vape Tricks Guide: 10 Cool Vape Tricks

Learn how to do cool vape tricks that include single o’s, french inhale, and the infamous jellyfish vape trick with step-by-step instructions.



Vape Tricks Guide

Learn how to do cool vape tricks that include single o’s, french inhale, and the infamous jellyfish vape trick.

We have provided detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do them and the overall level of difficulty. This information has been sourced from real vapers that can do each trick like the back of their hand.

With a little bit of practice, you should be doing your own cool vape tricks in no time.

It’s only natural to be curious about how to do vape tricks.

On average, 83% percent of USA vapers have attempted a vape trick. Vape tricks are entertaining to watch and a challenge to master. Some vapers are even famous for it on Instagram and also YouTube.

We would recommend checking out @vaustinl, @croooms, @drewdirps, and the TrickTeam at @officialvgod for inspiration.


Vape Tricks Guide

Written down below are our recommended top 10 vape tricks to try.

These range from easy vape tricks to advanced. Make sure you’re using a good box mod and a quality atomizer for clouds. This isn’t essential but will help in the beginning.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to perform most of these tricks with a pod or pen device. A higher VG ratio eliquid will also help produce bigger and thicker clouds.

  1. Dragon
  2. Single O’s
  3. Cheerios
  4. French Inhale
  5. Bane
  6. Ghost
  7. Bend
  8. Bull Ring
  9. Bow Tie
  10. Jellyfish

Vape Tricks For Beginners

If you’re new to vaping or haven’t tried a vape trick before, we would recommend starting out with the basics. The following tricks should be pretty easy to pick up but can take a long time to master.

Take it slow and make sure to practice every chance you get. The best place to try out your vape tricks is indoors because there is little to no wind to disrupt your clouds.

1. Dragon

Dragon Vape Trick

The Dragon is a very simple vape trick to learn, plus it looks super cool and is also relatively easy to achieve. Make sure you have lots of eliquid in your tank, the dragon requires a lot of vapor!

  1. So first take a long mouth-to-lung drag from your vaporizer.
  2. Once your mouth is full of vapor, it’s time to exhale with force through your nose and mouth.
  3. It’s important to keep the center part of your mouth closed to give this vape trick the four streams of vapor it needs to complete the dragon.


2. Single O’s

Single O’s Vape Trick

The classic single o has been around for generations and is also a staple vape trick to have in your arsenal. Learning single o’s will allow you to attempt a variety of other vape tricks that incorporate it!

  1. Take a normal hit from your vaporizer.
  2. Inhale the vapor halfway between your mouth and throat.
  3. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, pulling it towards the back of your throat while making an o shape with your lips.
  4. Start pushing vapor out of your throat gently with small pulse-like movements. This method is very similar to coughing or clearing your throat.
  5. Keep your lips tucked in to thicken your o’s.


3. Cheerios

Cheerios Vape Trick

Cheerios is essentially multiple single o’s done in quick succession. It’s a visually appealing trick and it’s also sure to impress your vaping friends.

  1. Take a long mouth-to-lung pull on your vaporizer.
  2. Make an o shape with your mouth while remembering to keep your lips tucked in.
  3. Gently exhale through your mouth, while at the same time tapping the side of your throat.


Cool Vape Tricks For Intermediate Vapers

If you’ve already mastered the beginner vaping tricks and are looking for something more challenging, try out our intermediate tricks. This includes the French Inhale, Bane, and also Ghost.

From experience, this is where most people struggle because it can take weeks or even months to perfect. Keep at it and before no long, you will be tricking with the best of them.


4. French Inhale

French Inhale Vape Trick

The French Inhale is a subtle, but very cool vape trick that is iconic across 420 media. Once you have mastered this trick, the Bane should be relatively easy.

  1. So you’ll want to start off by taking an MTL inhale from your vaporizer.
  2. Allow a moment for the vapor to settle inside your mouth.
  3. Slowly open your mouth while sticking your lower jaw outwards.
  4. At the same time start to inhale through your nose.


5. Bane

Bane Vape Trick

The Bane vape trick is inspired by 2012 blockbuster film The Dark Night Rises. The main villain Bane wears a mask that pumps anesthetic straight into his body.

  1. Take a long drag from your vaporizer
  2. Hold the vapor in your mouth for a moment and let it settle.
  3. Drop your top row of teeth onto your bottom lip.
  4. Slowly exhale the vapor through your mouth while drawing it back up through your nose.


6. Ghost

Ghost Vape Trick

The Ghost is a well-known vape trick that can also be referred to as the Snap Inhale or Mushroom. It’s a popular trick among Instagram vapers.

  1. Take a big pull of your vaporizer without inhaling the vapor.
  2. Allow the vapor to linger in your mouth for a few seconds. Furthermore, the more vapor you inhale, the better the effect will be.
  3. Push all the vapor out of your mouth quickly, but delicately. Opening your mouth while also slowly closing it will form a condensed plume.
  4. Quickly suck back in the escaped vapor.


Advanced Vape Tricks

These tricks are reserved for vapers that are looking for a real challenge.

The Bend, Bull Ring, and also Bow Tie are next-level vape tricks that require lots of practice. Once you have mastered these advanced moves, you should try your hand at the Jellyfish vape trick.

This particular trick is a huge crowd pleaser but is super hard to get right.

7. Bend Vape Tricks

Bend Vape Trick

This vape trick requires you to be able to produce consistently good o’s that are thick and also relatively big. To make it easier on yourself, try doing the Bend indoors, with the windows and doors closed. As a result, this stagnates the air and is perfect for bending.

  1. Take a long hard drag of your vaporizer.
  2. Cup your hand next to your mouth and blow an o vape ring.
  3. Now, very gently follow the o vape ring with your hand.
  4. As you get better at directing your single o, you’ll be able to do other neat tricks like the Infinite Bend and also the Shark Bend.


8. Bull Ring

Bull Ring Vape Trick

This vape trick will give the illusion that you have a large bull ring of vapor hanging out of your nose. Furthermore, it’s best to practice this trick in front of a mirror to perfect your timing.

  1. Breath in as much vapor as you can from your vaporizer.
  2. Blow a large and also very thick o ring.
  3. Make sure that it’s not too far away from your face.
  4. Gently inhale the top part of large single o through your nostrils.


9. Bow Tie

Bow Tie Vape Trick

The Bow Tie is a very technical trick that looks super cool when done right. It requires two thick single o’s, hence a relatively high level of tricking skill.

  1. First of all, take a deep hit of your vaporizer.
  2. Blow two thick o’s close enough to one another without having to chase them down.
  3. Inhale the side of each o at the same time. The result is a bow tie look on your face made out of vapor.
  4. To make this trick next level, try inhaling half of the vapor through your nostril and the other half through your mouth.


10. Jellyfish Vape Trick

Jellyfish Vape Trick

The Jellyfish is arguably one of the most impressive vape tricks to witness. As with any advanced vape trick, it requires countless hours of practice and also a high level of vaping skill.

  1. Start off by inhaling as much vapor as you can and then blowing a large single o.
  2. Immediately place your hand behind the o and bend it forwards.
  3. Quickly take another hit and gently exhale some vapor through the center of the o ring.
  4. This second puff of vapor pulls the first o vapor ring around it, and then leaves a trail, creating the Jellyfish shape.



Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best vape tricks to learn:

  1. Dragon
  2. Single O’s
  3. Cheerios
  4. French Inhale
  5. Bane
  6. Ghost
  7. Bend
  8. Bull Ring
  9. Bow Tie
  10. Jellyfish

What did you think of this vape tricks guide? Leave a comment below.

Adam Fury is the founder of We Vape Mods and author of 'Quit Smoking with Vaping'. He's reviewed 100's of vaping products and written dozens of vaping articles that include guides, news, and editorial pieces.

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